Schroeder Interview Teaser – A Buyer’s Perspective

This is a teaser video for the FULL INTERVIEW with David & Alicia Schroeder below.

David & Alicia Schroeder Interview – A Buyer’s Perspective

Sometimes its comforting to see that you’re not the only one going through an emotional rollercoaster ride. David and Alicia Schroeder recently decided to purchase their first home. This interview was done while they were waiting for their escrow to close. At this point in their journey, they have viewed over 50 homes, wrote about a dozen offers, and finally got one of them accepted. They have completed their home inspections, real estate disclosures, escrow instructions and are awaiting their appraisal to be done.
Both David and Alicia share their personal experiences, emotions, and advice. A great resource for anyone currently on the journey of homeownership or someone contemplating buying a home.

– The Naked Man –

The Naked Man is a real-life experience from the first year of Dan’s Real Estate career. He truly knocks on all doors in just this way in case there is someone who is asleep in the home. We hope you get a good laugh and enjoy the story. Dan is a GREAT storyteller.